Advantages of the integration module:

  • Cost savings. Orders automatically come into the restaurant automation system. There’s no need for a separate person to manually input orders. Less working hours, less salaries costs
  • All you need in one window. From a single device in one system, you can manage orders coming from several different systems
  • No mistakes. We reduce the risks of human mistakes – inattentiveness of tired cashiers when manually entering orders
  • Quick order processing. Instead of manual labor, staff focuses on effectively managing the dining area. No queues, more orders procedded, higher revenue, happy customers!
  • Data in one place. Your accountant will say thank you! No more need to manually consolidate numbers in tables from different sources. Convenient reports will save time and effort
  • Transparency and quick access. At any moment, you can view order statistics from your device

Boost your restaurant sales with power of integration!

  • No more manual orders: save time and money.
  • All orders in one place: easy to manage.
  • No tired staff – fewer mistakes and no queues.
  • Faster service means more happy customers.
  • One reports center for all your numbers: no confusion, less manual work.
  • See your data anytime, anywhere.

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