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r_keeper changelog Error parsing GS1 code in preset MCR algorithmsRK7-10201: Checkout freeze (doscash) When using a backup cash server, an incorrect reconnection to the main cash server occursRK7-9925: Manager station: ‘Waiting exclusive mode for collection SYNCDATAS’ error when starting after a long ….  Read More

Services: Marketing solutions consulting

Accelerating growth is a key theme that’s often on a company’s agenda. The paths to accelerated growth can differ significantly from company to company, even within the same industry. However, focusing on high value ideas, proving their value through relentless validation of concepts, and aiming for ….  Read More

Services: Marketing automation

Our company is pleased to automate your everyday marketing challenges, streamlines the workflow, and assesses the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. We offer solutions for an array of marketing issues like generating leads, managing the pipeline, monitoring the interactions, supercharging marketing analytics, social ….  Read More

About company

Pankkih Oy company, organized by a team of professionals in the field of restaurant automation. For over 10 years we have been engaged in the optimization of processes in HoReCa production and we will be happy to apply our knowledge and skills ….  Read More

Services: HoReCa automatisation

Our company provides comprehensive services for the automation of catering facilities, including equipment supply, on-site installation, commissioning of equipment necessary restaurant automation, as well as supply, installation and initial setup of the R-Keeper and StoreHouse in Finland for complex automation. The proposal ….  Read More

r_keeper StoreHouse

Storehouse automation with R-Keeper StoreHouse System of inventory accounting automation StoreHouse developed by UCS allows to fully control the process of managing the production in the enterprise. From ordering, menu cards, and inventory control Storehouse is interfaced with many accounting programs to ….  Read More


UCS Shelter is a software product, that serves hospitality and leisure industry. The scalable program empowers hoteliers to share and receive information across all properties, seamlessly integrating numerous systems, required to meet the diverse needs of any hospitality enterprise, spanning local or ….  Read More

r_keeper CashDesk&Manager

R-Keeper is a reliable software product that allows you to facilitate your restaurant business. Its scalable configuration can be adjusted to any type of enterprise, whether it is local, regional or global. With this universal information management system, operating of independent or ….  Read More