Services: Marketing automation

Our company is pleased to automate your everyday marketing challenges, streamlines the workflow, and assesses the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. We offer solutions for an array of marketing issues like generating leads, managing the pipeline, monitoring the interactions, supercharging marketing analytics, social media promotion, email advertising, and others.

With our automation software we are providing following services:

  • measuring the success of marketing campaigns;
  • reducing the duration of running marketing programs and finishing actions;
  • boosting conversion rates with timely engagement;
  • improving messaging and brand consistency on different channels and campaigns;
  • reducing the sales cycle with faster response time;
  • personalizing communication with each consumer;
  • developing automated activities for continuous engagement without human input.

Our software platform integrates with SendPulse solution API and provides marketing automation for multiple channels of communication with prospects and customers — email, SMS, web push notifications, Facebook chatbots. The main benefit is that users can easily combine all these channels together to reinforce their strategies.

These features can be of help for managing

  • trigger campaigns;
  • automated emails;
  • subscription forms;
  • A/B testing;
  • free email templates.

We helps businesses to automate their marketing by sending emails, web push notifications, and SMS triggered by various predetermined conditions. Marketers can set email sending according to various events — subscription, registration, abandoned cart, purchase, or any other custom event. With an automation flow, business owners can track the path of each subscriber.