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Services: Marketing solutions consulting

Accelerating growth is a key theme that’s often on a company’s agenda. The paths to accelerated growth can differ significantly from company to company, even within the same industry. However, focusing on high value ideas, proving their value through relentless validation of concepts, and aiming for ….  Read More

Services: Marketing automation

Our company is pleased to automate your everyday marketing challenges, streamlines the workflow, and assesses the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. We offer solutions for an array of marketing issues like generating leads, managing the pipeline, monitoring the interactions, supercharging marketing analytics, social ….  Read More

About company

Pankkih Oy company, organized by a team of professionals in the field of restaurant automation. For over 10 years we have been engaged in the optimization of processes in HoReCa production and we will be happy to apply our knowledge and skills ….  Read More